Introducing the Whisky Dungeon

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My existing general blog, “Geek Like Me Too,” has become too top-heavy with whisky reviews, so it is time to spin off another blog. In the next week, I will be moving, and setting up a wine/whisky cellar (that will be the “dungeon,” hence the name of the blog). I’ll also be adding quite a few new drinks to my stocks, re-tasting some old ones, revising my old reviews, and adding new ones.

I have a copy of Jim Murray’s 2010 Whisky Bible, and I’m using it to help guide my shopping.

Should you wish to pick up a copy — and I do recommend it, as it is both informative and entertaining, consider using my Amazon affiliate link; I’ll get a (very modest) kickback (or so I’m told; I have yet to earn a penny blogging). [Note: my afiliate link is long-dead.]

The goal is to be an independent and quite possibly contrarian reviewer. Check back soon!

Ann Arbor, Michigan
May 25, 2010

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