Dark Age: Feudal Lords Remaining Needs and Wants

19 Mar 2012

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2022 Note: don’t get in touch with me via my blogs asking to trade cards; this is here for historical reasons only.

After completing some more trades, my “need” list for Dark Age: Feudal Lords is now down to one card, marked “promotional” — and so there is not much point in my trying to acquire it by buying more boosters or decks, since I’m pretty sure it isn’t found in any of them.

With that card, I would then have a complete set, which is my main goal for this collection. I’m also looking for second copies of any of these:

To trade, I have duplicates of every other Dark Age: Feudal Lords card, including the very rare foil cards. I also have a few remaining wants for Mythos, especially New Aeon, if you’d be interested in trading for those, and I’d also be willing to trade away some of my Iron Crown Enterprises Middle Earth cards.

If you’d like to trade, or sell, leave a comment with an e-mail address. I won’t publish your address, but I’ll get back to you. (Comments on this blog are moderated, so I will see it listed for my approval).

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