Dark Age: Feudal Lords Cards to Trade

15 Dec 2011

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2022 Note: don’t get in touch with me via my blogs asking to trade cards; this is here for historical reasons only.

I have collected a nearly-complete set of the out-of-print Dark Age: Feudal Lords cards. I am still missing the following rare cards:

I’d like to trade for these, but would consider trades for other rare cards that I have one of. Get in touch if you’d like to trade Dark Age: Feudal Lords cards. To trade, I have multiples of all common (C1 or C2) cards available to trade, as well as all uncommon (U1 or U2) cards. Among the different types of rare cards (R1 or R2 or extremely rare foil, fixed, or limited) I have the following duplicates:

Get in touch if you would like to trade cards. You can leave a comment with an e-mail address, and I will not publish it (comments on this blog are moderated). I am considering whether it might possibly be useful to put up cards for sale on eBay, perhaps a generic buy-it-now for any common, another for uncommon, and a third for rares. If you have an interest in that let me know.

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