Sean Hurley and Sherwin Sleeves

27 Jan 2011

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Want to hear a fascinating moment of creation? Listen to the emergence of Sean Hurley’s alter-ego, Sherwin Sleeves.

Hurley is a stay-at-home dad and freelance radio producer; here’s a recent piece he did for New Hampshire Public Radio.

And here is a recent chat with both Sean and Sherwin. (Fair warning: that link will start making noise as soon as the page loads).

I’ll be writing more about Hurley/Sleeves later. Meanwhile, if you like the work of his on Atoms, Motion and the Void (personally I think you might enjoy starting with this episode), and Mr. Hurley has suggested starting with this one, consider becoming a Stalwart. There’s an interesting community of creatives forming and talking in the Stalwarts forum, and a lot of potential for some very cool storytelling and spin-off projects, but it hasn’t reached critical mass yet!

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