Arran is Not the Newest!

27 Apr 2010

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I was wrong — apparently Kilchoman is a newer distillery than Isle of Arran Distillery, having started distilling Islay whisky in 2005!

Apparently they’ve already released some 3-year-old. It appears I may have missed the possibility of getting my hands on a bottle of their very first release; apparently it was not sold in the U.S. A bottle of their second release in Fall of 2009 is available on eBay, but at $150, I’m probably going to have to let that one go by. There does seem to be a Spring 2010 3rd release — but is anyone importing it? The distillery itself does not list an American distributor. The Whisky Vault wants 48.95 pounds sterling to deliver a bottle to the US — that’s more than the whisky itself, which is 48 pounds!

There is apparently also some “new spirit” available — although that may be more a novelty or collector’s item than something to sip and enjoy.

Why didn’t anyone tell me? It’s the first new distillery on Islay in 125 years. I am eagerly awaiting a taste!

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