Baby Update

06 Nov 2008

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I am off work this week, although I wound up spending a few hours at the office to help out with some code issues. Joshua is doing well and nursing steadily away trying to get bigger, although in numerous small meals which makes it a bit challenging for Grace. He is not sleeping very well during the night, which means that Grace and I are also not sleeping very well during the night. He does take some longer naps during the day, so maybe his day/night cycle is just turned around a bit (kind of like his dad’s is normally). After three very easy babies, this may be the one that is a little more challenging!

He’s a nervous little guy, as you can see in these webcam snaps I took just a moment ago.

Thanks to Colleen Tassie, Grace McGrath, Claudia Sauer, and John and Regan Scudder for bringing us wonderful food to help out.

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