Morning Light

15 Jul 2008

I was not quite awake, but I liked the way the morning light looked so I snapped a picture of myself using the camera built in to my wife’s MacBook. We’re well past the longest day of the year. The summer goes by so quickly as I get busier and busier; every year it surprises me more. By the Fourth of July it seems almost gone.

It is also a reminder that my face doesn’t look all that young anymore. There’s a saying attributable to Camus about a man eventually having the face he deserves. Orwell specifies that it happens by age fifty. So here is mine.

I’ve got a few years to go before I hit fifty, but it’s my face and apparently I deserve it. I’ve worked hard for both the laugh lines and for the little stress-crease in my forehead that goes away if I get away from the kids for a few days. I am hoping that when I’m fifty, more stress will roll right off my back, and I will have learned how to keep it away altogether!

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