Jonathan Coulton’s Set: the First Part

14 Jul 2008

You can get the file listing directly from the server here.

I’m adding:

  1. “The Future Soon”
  2. “Ikea”
  3. Banter about “Ikea”
  4. “Shop Vac”
  5. “Still Alive”
  6. Banter about Portal
  7. Banter about “Code Monkey”
  8. “Code Monkey”
  9. Banter about Tenori-on and “My Monkey”
  10. “My Monkey”

Track 4 (by Paul and Storm) is now correctly identified as “Mother’s Day Song.” If you downloaded it earlier, you don’t have to download it again, I just changed the ID3 tag. If you’re using iTunes, just do “Get Info” and change the song name.

More to come later.

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