Memorial Day Photo Picnic (Ketchup on Digial Pictures, Part 5)

26 May 2008

A couple more pictures of the Luxor. It has the largest hotel atrium in the world. The pyramid is 350 feet tall. We ascended and descended the pyramid both in the inclinator and also via an internal service stairwell. It is very strange to look down the stairwell 30 stories on a diagonal.

“Luxor” is egyptian for “design that does not age gracefully and will soon be replaced by something new and even more trendy and short-lived.”

This is the interior pyramid taken from directly underneath. Yes, I was lying on the floor to take this picture!

Next, our Mother’s-day picnic on Lake Mead, showing Colin and Brian. There were not Starbucks in visible range. After the hotels, this made me feel very confused!

It was very breezy and gritty that day, so we were not able to set up a tent, but we had a nice picnic anyway, and covered ourselves with lots of sunscreen.

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