Eat Breakfast Before Going to the Dentist

21 May 2008

I had a routine dentist visit this morning, and it went fine, except that I had not yet eaten anything. So while the hygienist had her hands in my mouth scraping my teeth with her little steel tools — basically, while I had nothing much else to think about or look at, and I obviously couldn’t hold a conversation — I could only think about how much I wanted a coffee drink (a soy mocha). Or a muffin. Or a bagel. These things were literally appearing like hallucinations before my unfocused eyes.

Apparently I was producing an unusual amount of saliva, because she had to stop every minute or so to suction out my mouth. Oops! Am I that much of a greedy slob that if I delay breakfast an hour or two, I start drooling? Apparently the answer is “you bet!”

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