The Indian Feast

01 Mar 2008

Note: this was a draft that I never actually published on the original blog. Either I didn’t think it was finished, or I simply forgot about it.

I’m months late in writing up a note about the Indian Feast I cooked for a picnic at Grace’s family’s house in Saginaw. Requiring a week of evenings of preparation, this was the most elaborate meal I’ve ever prepared; our tiny apartment kitchen makes such a large meal even more challenging. The plan was to cook for twenty, and the menu I selected was:

I love cooking Indian food; I had roasted my own spices to make garam masala, which filled the kitchen with an indescribably wonderful smell. Most of the dishes came off very well: the curry was delicious; the beets were served cold, and made from golden and red varieties cut into matchsticks, and were beautifully colored; the dal was delicious. The tomatoes were a big hit. The only one that didn’t come out very well was the Saag, which tasted good when it came off the heat but really didn’t do well sitting in the refrigerator overnight.

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