Miserable Weather

21 Nov 2007

We’re having a miserable rainy day in Ann Arbor. I’m reminded of a line from a Tom Robbins novel — I forget which one — and I may be misquoting it: “the sky was filled with raw oysters and dead nuns.”

We’ve got our train tickets for Christmas travel. We’re headed to Washington, DC to see my cousins. We’ve got our tofurky for Thanksgiving. A tofurky is kind of like a haggis, except as Isaac says, you don’t have to turn a sheep inside-out to make one. We’re not actually vegetarians, but I kind of like tofurky, so I think we’ll make it our own Pottsgiving tradition.

Much of my money and energy has been going into the Armstrong Collection photos — if you haven’t seen the blog where I’m tracking my efforts, take a look at it here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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