Paul’s Nearly Complete Guide to Discworld, Part Three

23 Mar 2007

A revised version of this post, with improved formatting, is available in my collection The Books That Wrote Me Collection 1, here.

This is the third and final part of my guide.

The Discworld Books in chronological order by release, with my ratings, and an asterisk for the ones I recommend:

  1. The Color of Magic
  2. The Light Fantastic
  3. Sourcery
  4. Mort*
  5. Equal Rites
  6. Wyrd Sisters*
  7. Pyramids
  8. Guards! Guards!*
  9. Faust Eric
  10. Moving Pictures
  11. Reaper Man
  12. Witches Abroad*
  13. Small Gods*
  14. Lords and Ladies
  15. Men at Arms
  16. Soul Music
  17. Feet of Clay*
  18. Interesting Times* (the best Rincewind book, so you should read at least one)
  19. Maskerade*
  20. Hogfather
  21. Jingo*
  22. The Last Continent
  23. Carpe Jugulum*
  24. The Fifth Elephant*
  25. The Truth*
  26. Thief of Time*
  27. Night Watch
  28. Monstrous Regiment
  29. Going Postal*
  30. Thud*
  31. Making Money
  32. Unseen Academicals

The City Watch sequence:

The Witches sequence:

The Death sequence:

The Rincewind sequence:

Miscellaneous Discworld novels:

Discworld Novels in Ratings Order:

The best (5/5):

The good (4/5):

Dig deeper if you find yourself becoming a dedicated fan (3/5):

The Bottom of the Barrel (2 or fewer stars):

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