The Netgear Router Flakes Out

20 Feb 2007

So, my second Netgear hardware router/firewall/wireless access point is starting to flake out. This morning it was crashed, so the wireless network was down, the wired clients couldn’t get a rise out of it, and I couldn’t get a response via HTTP on

A few weeks ago it did the same thing.

This is a FWG114P box which I bought a year ago to replace the previous Netgear box which had become unreliable.

After I had rebooted it, its logs were empty. Great. It would have been interesting to see what it thought it was doing. It has only one or two ports set to forward to my PC, which is off most of the time; everything else incoming is closed up.

As I wrote a year ago: “This thing is supposed to be an appliance. Do I need to reboot my refrigerator every month and throw out all the food?”

Or do I just need to assume that I’ll have to throw away my router/firewall every year and get a new one? Grrr…

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