The Democrats: Useless or Worthless?

01 Feb 2007

Did they threaten his family?

Rep. John Conyers (D-Michigan) is now saying that impeachment is “off the table.” He’s also claiming that the right wing has led an orchestrated campaign to distort his position on impeachment.

This from the man who has been a relentless critic, publishing extremely detailed accounts of administration misconduct on his web site, including a piece called “The Constitution in Crisis” on the run-up to the Iraq war and another called “What Went Wrong in Ohio” on the orchestrated fiasco that was the 2004 election.

86% of the public supports impeachment, but for some truly unfathomable reason the Democrats, helpless as my newborn infant son, can’t even take an issue the American public has handed them on a silver platter and run with it.

Are they trying to bring civility back to government? Are they afraid people will think this is somehow “payback” for Clinton? Please. If ever there was such a thing as an impeachable offense, this administration has committed it. Many of them, in fact. Impeachment is not a dirty trick or low blow — it is the tool for putting forth a vote of no confidence. It doesn’t do anything in and of itself, but it’s a starting point.

Democrats — useless or worthless? It’s no wonder I can’t bring myself to vote for one of them!

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