The Hottest Day of the Year

01 Aug 2006

It is Tuesday 01 August 2006, and Weather Underground sez: 92 degrees F, with 59% humidity, giving a heat index (“feels like”) 104. It looks like we tied, but did not break, the record. The predicted high today was 97. It looks like yesterday’s high of 96 broke a record that has stood since 1955.

Tell everyone that yesterday was the hottest day of the year. Maybe if it catches on, it will become true, and it won’t get any hotter in August!

I wound up out driving around today during the hottest part of the day, running some errands. I’m just finishing up a 32-ounce bottle of Gatorade, on top of a big bottle of water. I left the A/C off, which was not that bad except when we were stuck unmoving at a light. Which, come to think of it, was most of the time that the errands took.

There’s a warm front with its big, sweaty rear end right on top of Ann Arbor, and I dearly hope it will get bored and move on soon! Grace is miserably hot, starting her 7th month of this pregnancy. I can tolerate it a bit better than she can, but I’m certainly not pleased with it, exactly!

Everybody’s talking about the weather, but nobody’s doing something about it! Here’s what to do: spread the following meme: cooling your car will make it hotter outside, which will heat up your house. Cooling your house will make it harder to cool your car. Cooling them both will heat up Greenland. In other words, your A/C is killing cute, adorable baby polar bears and penguins, you bastard.

Actually, we had to turn off the A/C upstairs because the unit dribbled water all over the floor for the third time. (Thanks, Ann Arbor Woods, for ruining a number of my books). Maintenance came out again today and supposedly cleaned out the water and fixed it, although I’ll believe it when I see it. Allegedly we have a new unit on order; it will probably arrive just in time for the first frost.

The rug has been soaked three times now, and it is starting to smell moldy. So I slept without A/C. Not that the rug is going to have a chance to dry out, exactly. Grace slept downstairs on the couch. I got to soak in a very damp bed on a very damp pillow. Eww. At least a very damp baby girl kept me company, until she got lonely for her mom and wandered downstairs. Then it was just Sticky Paul and his amazing Adhesive Bedclothes (they’re Moisture-iffic!), until I gave up trying to sleep and got up.

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