A Nasty Hematoma

17 Jul 2006

While most of the bruises from my bike crash are fading, the worst of them, on my right quadricep near the knee, has formed a lump. I’m learning all kinds of things about hematoma, which is a basically what a bruise does inside the tissue. Ick.

While it looks and feels disturbing, apparently this is common in injuries and should heal up on its own. It is probably healing slowly in part because it is in a muscle I can’t really rest very much, although I will not be biking or walking much until it heals up.

The doctor did not seem to be concerned, and was looking more for signs of possible infection on the scraped parts. I’ve been soaking my leg in hot water in the tub, and fluid now seems to be leaking out and into the surrounding skin, giving it a purple halo. Heat is supposed to help, but it it also causes more swelling, so you can alternate hot and cold.

The lump seems to be subsiding, so I guess that’s good. I don’t want to think too hard about what gross processes are going on under the skin. OK, well, I do, actually, but only in the abstract. Having to think about your own body in terms of smashed-up pieces of meat you probably wouldn’t want to eat, if you saw them for sale under plastic wrap, is a bit disturbing!

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