Not Broken?

13 Jul 2006

Strangely, moments after I got fed up with the itching and ripped off the temporary splint, I got a call from the urgent care center. They had heard from radiology, who apparently said my wrist was “normal.” Does that mean “normal” as in “there’s nothing wrong with it” or “normal” as in “that’s the way a broken wrist generally should look after a bike crash?” (Because the bruising and swelling, at least, was clearly visible on the x-ray). The nurse wasn’t quite sure. She said I should follow up with a hand orthopedist or my doctor. I’m taking that to mean “go by how it feels,” so I’m leaving the splint off for now. I’ll leave it off for a while and decide by how it feels whether I need to start planning now to see an orthopedist sometime in 2008…

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