I Can’t Believe It

16 Jun 2006

A different computer, a different cable, different software; everything different except the USB microphone. I can’t get a break. The audio still randomly glitches. Is it the USB microphone itself?

Here’s an image showing a duplicated buffer; the highlighted area is duplicated, resulting in a glitch at the start and again at the end, the two places where the duplicate data causes a big spike between adjacent samples. This produces an audible glitch, and there are clusters of them. The highlighted area is almost exactly 512 samples wide — In other words, a buffer full was lost, so the old data was repeated.

Is it just impossible to get reliable audio in through USB, or is it just impossible using this Snowball microphone?

My experiments in changing buffer sizes have so far resulted in worse results, and of course larger sizes mean more latency.

This means that the PowerBook G4/400 was better at recording USB audio to the internal hard drive than my new Mac Mini…

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