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07 Jun 2006

I received a kind note from the proprietor of the Night Land site.

If you are finding this via the Night Land site, here are some links for you.

What’s here? A podcast of fiction by William Hope Hodgson.

I used to have some miscellaneous stories including some Carnacki the Ghost Finder stories, a Captain Gault story, and some chapters from The Night Land. However, the audio quality was not very good, so I have taken them down for the time being. At the moment I have re-started the podcast and I am working on a serialization of The Boats of the Glen Carrig.

I will probably wind up re-releasing most, if not all, of the older recordings after re-mastering them to improve the audio quality. I am still contemplating how to tackle The Night Land. Although I completed a couple of chapters, a complete reading probably isn’t feasible, so I might try excerpts, or perhaps (when time and budget allow) some kind of dramatization.

To access the podcast page via the iTunes music store, which will give you a “subscribe” button (you must have iTunes on your computer), click here

To subscribe to the podcast RSS feed directly (you can give this link to iTunes via the “Subscribe to Podcast” command under the Advanced menu), or use some other program to listen: use this link

To view the blog for the podcast, which has links to the individual files and lots more information, as well as its own RSS feed: click here

I wrote a number of weblog entries while I was working on the Hodgson material. Here are permalinks for the Hodgson-related blog postings, arranged chronologically:

Postings directly related to the contents of the podcast will now appear on the separate Hodgecast weblog.

Thanks for visiting!

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