Carnacki 1

03 May 2006

I’ve uploaded the first Carnacki story, The Gateway of the Monster. (The actual order depends on whether you count the order published, the order written, or the order they appeared in one of the various anthologies… in any case, going by the first published anthology, “The Gateway of the Monster” is number one. “The Thing Invisible” was, I think, written first, but it is longer and not quite so engaging.

This time I normalized the audio with peaks at 0dB instead of -3, and that seems to have worked OK without resulting in clipping. If I can, I will go back and normalize the others to the same level. This might result in some degradation of audio quality (well, not that there was all that much “audio quality” to begin with — even in the quietest room I can find, there is still a surprisingly high level of background noise on the recording; I still don’t know where it is all coming from).

I don’t have a copy of the original edited audio file before normalizing once (because of my very limited hard disk space). I am attaching a spare FireWire 160G drive to give me a little more space to work with for editing; maybe I can use the internal hard drive just for recording the raw audio and do everything else on the external drive, and save all revisions. The finished files are quite small (on the order or 10 megabytes) but the raw AIFFs are generally at least 10 times bigger. This gets into the whole “how do you back up a hard drive” dilemma, and the problem of maintaining a backup plan for a number of loose drives!

I have an experimental version of a small excerpt from The Night Land. When I’m satisfied with that I’ll make it available as well.

After that, another Gault — those are relatively easy and quick to read.

If you are downloading these, drop me a line and tell me what you think. Would you rather hear more Carnacki? More Gault? More of the standalones? A dramatization? Would you rather I never recorded another word?

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