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01 May 2006

Here is the URL for my podcast on Apple’s music store. If you have iTunes installed, this should take you directly to my podcast page. Note: I need some artwork!

If you want to download the files directly, here is a very basic index page that links directly to the audio files on

And here is the link to the RSS feed (the XML file). If you don’t use iTunes, or if you want to bypass the music store, you can use this URL to subscribe directly. To do it with iTunes you use the “Subscribe to Podcast…” command located under the Advanced menu. Just enter the URL. If you have some other tool that reads Podcast RSS feeds, you should be able to use that same URL.

I have recorded and uploaded two more stories. I have found a quieter spot to record, at least for now, so the audio quality is a bit better. One story is the first of the Captain Gault stories, about a smuggler, and the other is a standalone nautical horror/science fiction story.

Coming soon: another Carnacki story — one of the best ones — “The Gateway of the Monster.” I did the read-through, and it needs an editing pass. Editing actually takes longer than the reading, especially when the story doesn’t flow well verbally and I have to keep starting sentences over.

Hodgson’s prose is often written as though it were spoken — Carnacki is, on paper, the narrator, speaking out loud to an audience — and you can imagine it being spoken, with little digresions and turns of phrase that “look” like speech. But when you go to actually speak it out loud, you realize that quite a few of his sentences are exceedingly awkward in the mouth, almost tongue-twisters.

Then there’s The Night Land. This makes no attempt to sound like spoken language. The text is very dense and written in a flowery, faux-archaic style, with very long sentences with lots of semi-colons; to make it coherent to the ear, and avoid having these sentences turn into a meaningless jumble, I have to to read them very slowly. I’ve taken a stab at recording some fragments of it. It’s a big novel; I’d imagine that a reading might require something like 40 or 50 hours. If I can pick a nice excerpt that conveys something of the flavor of the writing, I’ll give that a shot. It is really moving and beautiful, but just may not be suitable for audio, or maybe it just needs a different reader.

Happy May Day!

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