Less Sugar, More Code

06 Apr 2006

Another 14 hours yesterday. I am limiting myself to two cups of coffee or two shots of espresso per day. I worked about 10:30 a.m. to nearly 1 a.m. All the action is back on the trunk. Subversion performed quite admirably as the merges got more complicated and the diagrams sprouted lines and arrows. There were a couple of functions it kept screwing up upon merging, but most of them went fine, and we’re testing.

The plan had been to go to the gym again after I left work, but on my way out my co-workers asked me if I could be in at 8:30 a.m. today for testing. I hadn’t eaten anything much since lunch of cold leftover pizza eleven hours earlier. The gym just wasn’t going to happen for me unless I ate something sustaining first, and the amount of sleep I was going to be able to catch was getting pretty short, so I blew off the gym, went home, ate some cold meatloaf that Grace had kindly brought home for me, and caught a relatively luxurious six hours of sleep. I got to say goodbye to baby Veronica this morning when she got up to brush her teeth with me and give me baby hugs.

I’m really digging this living close to where I work thing. No more three hours of round-trip commuting a day. More like fifteen minutes! And I want to see if I can find a reasonably safe bike route.

Breakfast today was a more sane cappucino and a turkey sandwich, and I’ll follow it up with a fruit smoothie. If things go well this morning and we get our build out, I could be mostly done for the week and get some time at home. Even if that doesn’t happen, it should still look like a more normal work day, which should feel short by comparison.

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