Veronica at Nine

02 Aug 2005

Paul R. Potts

Our baby girl is nine months old. She is now walking pretty well, although with that hilarious arms-out, tottering side-to-size zombie gait. She says “mama” fairly clearly and makes the sign for “nurse.” What she doesn’t do anymore, though, is fall alseep without a fight, no matter how exhausted she is. She will only take very brief “power naps” during the day. At night, we practically have to sit on her until she gives up the struggle, and then she goes out like a light. She’s also less content to sleep on her own bed, and wakes up wanting to get back in our bed.

She’s got approximately four teeth at different stages. She chases down and eats ants. Her other hobbies lately are “freestyle nursing” in which she wiggles and contorts herself into all kinds of crazy positions while nursing, causing Grace no end of pain.

We’ve been watching the They Might Be Giants DVD of alphabet songs, “Here Comes the ABCs.” We’ve also just gotten a baby sign language video, so we’ll see how that goes. Sleep is not quite so easy to come by these days, but I can still usually get at least four or five continuous hours and another hour or so of broken sleep, which is enough to get by, so we aren’t too bad off. And she’s a lot of fun to play with. One of my favorite games is the “rasberry contest.” I usually get tired of it first, so I guess she wins!

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