Programming Projects, Part 5

16 Feb 2005

Paul R. Potts

I’ve given up on VMWare, since I was not truly happy with it, and thanks to Paragon’s Partition Manager, gotten my system set up in a decent configuration again, with enough disk space for both Linux and Windows 2000. So, for now, I’ll just dual-boot.

My original G4 PowerBook, and my wife’s iBook, both of year 2000 vintage, are both on their last legs, so we need to be ready to update our Mac infrastructure. We haven’t quite figured out what to buy or, of course, how to pay for it.

I have not selected a project, but one that comes to mind now is editing iTunes file metadata. I’ve got all of Tolkien’s works in audiobook form. The individual volumes such as the Fellowship of the Ring contain about 16 disks, and about 23 tracks each. Let’s say I want to rename all of those 300+ tracks, as well as the disc (folder), following some pattern, and including the track x of y and disc m of n metadata in the file name, with the numbers padded so that the full filenames sort correctly. I’m doing it by hand now. Hmmm. I am not sure if iTunes exposes that much of itself to scripting, but if it does, it might be an interesting little trial problem.

Alan has been tossing me questions and ideas about Lisp. The latest was destructuring. I’ll drop this “Programming Projects” topic for now and write some shorter notes on individual Lisp topics, although my ability to put time into hobby projects remains rather limited. Also, I really, really could use a brief vacation, preferably somewhere sunny, where my brain could absorb some photons and spend some time relaxing with my family. But alas, I don’t have the vacation days. Maybe I can arrange something when this project is ended, although it may have to be unpaid time off. I’m almost willing to go that route.

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