The Grace and Paul Pottscast

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Some of our listeners like to listen to the show on YouTube, so I upload episodes to our channel here. Note that YouTube may insert ads, or make shows unavailable in some jurisdictions. That is outside of my control!

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Paul’s Philosophy of Podcast Production

I have been creating podcasts on and off since 2007. My interest in audio production goes back to my experiences with college radio. I am dedicated to producing podcasts with the best audio quality I can achieve in our house with the equipment I can afford, without attempting to ape the styles of any other shows in particular. As I work full-time and have a large family, I don’t get a lot of time to write shows in advance, or edit them after recording, so our shows are a bit rough by nature.

In order to maintain freedom from any corporate censorship or influence, and ignore the ratings game completely, our shows are not listed on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or any other commercial services. We do not currently run ads. I generate all the content, including the feed file, from scratch. I do not put trackers or things of that sort on any of the web pages I generate for this site. Please note that my web hosting company (DreamHost) may track downloads.

We do not currently charge money for any podcast content. But — since we don’t have fully automated luxury space communism yet, and microphones, audio gear, computers, Internet access, web hosting, cloud backup, and electricty all cost money — you are welcome to chip in to help cover our costs via PayPal. Thanks!

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